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Booking : Ananda GARCIA

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Label : Easy Eye Sound / Warner



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"Right from the first farking note, this s*** is dope!" - Taj Mahal
"He's the greatest living soul singer as far as I'm concerned." - Dan Auerbach

When you’ve been making music for as long as Robert Finley has, you know that the key to success is in your instincts. You learn to trust your gut, you learn to trust your ear, and most of all, you learn to trust your company. Fortunately for us, here in 2017 Mr. Finley has all three in spades.

The singer lives in the tiny, forgotten town of Bernice, Louisiana, right near the Arkansas line, but in his younger days his music took him all over the world. Joining the Army as a teenager, Finley was sent to Europe as a helicopter technician but found more appealing work as the leader of the Army band, and toured the continent many times over on guitar and vocals. Following his rambling military service, he learned the trade of carpentry and settled back home in the States. He leaned on his gospel and blues songs for a hobby rather than career, and mostly confined his artistry to the streets of the South. But now, in the true spirit of the American Dream, Finley’s music is once again primed to reach doors and shores at home and abroad, as his new LP Goin’ Platinum! is set to be released through Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound this fall.


Live performance solo ""Age Don't Mean a Thing"

Clip "Medicine Woman"

clip "Get It While You Can" album produit par Dan Auerbach

Live in Memphis


14/07/2018 / HL / Rotterdam / North Sea Jazz Festival  

19/07/2018 / IT / Fiorenzuola / Dal Mississippi al Po

21/07/2018 / FR / Argelliers / Argelliers Jazz Festival
22/07/2018 / PT / Sines / FMM Sines

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