Représentation : Europe

Booking : Ananda Garcia

Contact Presse : Manuel Figueres

Label : Big Legal Mess Records



All Year


John Wilkins s'est imprégné du blues de son père Robert Wilkins, auteur de "The Prodigal Son" repris par The Rolling Stones.
Influencé par le son Stax ou Hi Records, il nous délivre une soul immuable, entre blues céleste et gospel terrien.

John Wilkins’ father, the venerated blues and gospel singer Robert Wilkins, was the principal influence on his young son’s development as a musician. Wilkins’ father had made a series of recordings in the 1930s that included the original “Prodigal Son” (initially recorded as a secular song called “That’s No Way To Get Along”), which was later recorded by the Rolling Stones. The elder Wilkins developed a gospel style that was based on his earlier country blues style, a style that developed into the rock ‘n’ roll sound that Memphis, and then the world, would later claim as it’s own.
When the young John Wilkins was learning to play guitar, he picked up his father’s gospel and country blues styles.
He also absorbed the citified soulful sounds that were being pioneered by local musicians and recorded by legendary Memphis labels like Sun, Stax and Hi.



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