Représentation : Europe

Booking : Ananda Garcia

Contact Presse : simon@accent-presse.com

Label : Nueva Onda Records


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With her new album, Sacred Seed,

Pura Fé celebrates the roots of first nation blues.


We discovered her back in 2005 on “The Last & Lost Blues Survivor” album, a Music Maker compilation focusing on long-forgotten musicians. The voice of singer/activist Pura Fé has haunted us ever since. The vatious sets that followed on the Dixiefrog imprint have forced into our ears her unique mix of folk, blues and traditional sounds of First Nations from North Carolina.


Pura Fé joins the Nueva Onda Records roster today with Sacred Seed, eleven songs produced and recorded by Mathis Haug in a mas in the heart of Southern France. The great Tuscarora singer gives up her lap-steel and concentrates on her superlative vocals, echoing Eric Longsworth’s cello in a scarce musical scenery completed by Stéphan Notari’s piano and percussion, as well as Haug’s guitars and banjo.

Mixing original compositions deeply rooted in the pre-blues First Nation tradition with songs displaying the humanistic concerns of their author (as well as two classics, Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” and Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”), Pura Fé gives us the most intimate and adventurous album of her career.





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