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Booking : Ananda Garcia

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2018 = March + summer + october


Decades after his work withJames Brown and George Clinton established him as one of the architects offunk, Fred Wesley has begun a new project that connects him to his jazz rootsand to the future: Generations. Generations is an expandabletrio featuring

73-year-old Wesley on trombone, 24-year-old Italian prodigyLeonardo Corradi on the organ and 45-year-old French drummer Tony Match.

Threemusicians who initially came together to pay tribute to thesoulful jazz oflegendary organist Jimmy

Smith, they clicked and continue grooving together.Their show combines Wesley ’s talents and experience working with artists from Count Basie and Ray Charles toLenny Kravitz and D’Angelo, Corradi’s energetic reflection of Smith and otherhistoric jazz giants, and Match ’s jazz drumming colored by unique influences including African beats and electronic sounds. By Joya Wesley

"I kinda fell into Generations. It started when I was booked for a tribute to Jimmy Smith. I discovered a

young, 24 -year-old organ player and a 45-something drummer who were playing their asses off. I had no idea that an Italian organ player and a French drummer could groove so hard. My predjucies about jazz musicians were soundly dispelled. Rarely have I felt a groove li ke this from a tamden of musicians. Young or old. French, Italian or American.I was inspired, excited and su cked into their groove like I have never

been before. I named the group GENERATIONS because of our age span. We as a trio have thrilled audiences all over Europe and we are looking forward to doing it in America, Asia and the rest of the world. I love GENERATIONS because we do our little part to bring people toget her through jazz and music." By Fred Wesley. "It's a great honor and privilege to create this new band with Fred We sley. I grew up with the sound of the JB's and Fred Wesley's albums. We have this common point with Fred: a good balance between jazz, funk and our soul influences.We did our first concert in Amsterdam almost three years ago and after a few

concerts we realized that this trio "trombone, organ, drums" band has a unique sound! Fred came to me

and said, "I have a name for this band! it's: GENERATIONS". This album is a live recording, no overdub, no editing it's the perfect reflection of the vibe on stage! Now three Generations are coming and listening our shows, it's a lof of love and fun! Thanks Fred"

By Tony Match



09/05/2018 / FR / St Quentin / Cap Cinema

10/05/2018 / FR / Moulins / Cap Cinema

11/05/2018 / FR / Perigueux / Cap Cinema

12/05/2018 / FR / Rodez / Cap Cinema

13/05/2018 / FR / Nimes / Cap Cinema

14/05/2018 / FR / Cagnes sur Mer / Cap Cinema

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