Derek Gripper + Debademba + Trio Da Kali


South Africa / Burkina Faso / Mali / Bamako

Representation : World

Booking : Johann Nomberg




November 2017 and May 2018


Derek Gripper

Derek began his formal musical training at the age of six on the violin. After studying classical music in Cape Town for the next thirteen years he began to look further afield for musical inspiration. This search took him to India where he studied South Indian Carnatic music. On his return home he began to focus on the guitar, trying to find a new direction for the instrument. He was attracted to the use of multiple layers in the music of Oliver Messiaen, the African-influenced structures of Steve Reich, as well as to guitar arrangements of the music of J.S.Bach, but it was when he met up with Cape Jazz trumpeter Alex van Heerden that he started to see that his previous studies could be used to find new directions for the music of South Africa.

Debademba (duo)

A native of Burkina Faso, Abdoulaye Traoré began travelling around West Africa in the early 1990s, notching up collaborations with the great names of the region, including Victor Démé and Les Go de Kotéba.  In 2001, these encounters brought him to Europe, the crowning glory to the recognition of his talent.  He is a superlative performer on the acoustic and electric guitar and has mastered a wide range of African musical genres, both as a rhythm player and a soloist.  His style manages to be both free and precise, incisive and easy-going, his virtuosity and his keen sense of hearing make him an exceptional improviser.

Mohamed Diaby grew up on the Ivory Coast with his mother, the famous griotte Koumba Kouyaté.  Brought up in the great tradition of the Malian griots, the young singer was discovered in 2007 by the Malian television programme, Case Sanga, a showcase for launching new talent which takes place under the sharp eyes and ears of Oumou Sangaré.

Diaby also became a popular griot in Abidjan and in Paris during the major African festivals. This allowed him to develop his extraordinary vocal capacity, his formidable improvisational skills and his highly-tuned sense of musical repartee.  To all of which is added his distinctive sound, enriched by a voice that is both gentle and raw.  His talent is only equaled by his charisma and his ability to captivate an audience with a theatricality that brings to mind the great oral tradition of the African storyteller.

Trio Da Kali unites three outstanding musicians from the Mande culture of southern Mali who come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians). Formed of voice, balafon and bass ngoni, the Trio aim to bring a contemporary twist to ancient and neglected repertoires.






Derek Gripper


Trio Da Kali


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